I Love Apple Stuff


In yesterday's post I alluded to my love of all things Apple and so today I thought i'd go a bit further into that. Updated 26/7/18.

My first Apple product was an iPod Mini. I loved it enough to plump for an iPod Classic not long after. My first Mac was a secondhand 24 inch iMac (RIP - this screen size is now discontinued) and my first iPhone was the iPhone 4s which was also secondhand.

There have been some new additions along the way, however, so I thought i'd tell you more about my collection and what they're used for.

This photo was taken on my iPhone 7 Plus (Obviously!)

iPhone X (64GB)

I've written at length about my current iPhone and (as you'd expect for a phone costing £1000) it is the greatest iPhone yet. Depending on your position that may seem like i'm damning it with faint praise but goddamn its pretty. Everything about it screams class.


Yes, they're earphones that look like toothbrush heads but these little beauties pair perfectly with everything on this page and have plenty of charge to last me a few days (the case contains 24 hours of battery charge). They're comfortable and I no longer have to choose between charging my iPhone and listening to music... which is a choice I didn't have to make with my iPhone 6. Silly Apple.

Macbook Pro 15 inch Retina (Mid-2014 2.5ghz i7, 16GB Ram, 500GB SSD)

That 24 inch iMac I mentioned earlier was a 2007 model which I sold (along with a Sony Vaio laptop - remember those?) to raise funds for my first MacBook Pro which was a 2012 model with a great spec (ex-display). I was super impressed by it but unfortunately it went for a swim (it was in my backpack when I got caught in the rain in the garden - thanks British weather!). Thank goodness for home insurance because the replacement was this MacBook - its fast, it runs everything I need it to and it has a sensational retina screen. I use it for everything from writing when i'm away from home to playing Football Manager (one of many gaming addictions). As it was purchased before Apple began removing ports it also has a card reader, two USB ports and a HDMI port. 

iMac 27 inch 5K Retina (Late 2015, 3.2 GHz i5, 8 GB Ram, 1Tb Fusion Drive)

Here it is, the big one (quite literally). Not only does it make for a fantastic Mac, but there is enough storage for me to add a Windows 10 partition to the fusion drive which allows me to work within that operating system too. I primarily use it for writing but also for recording demos for my band and playing some games such as X-Com 2, Stellaris or Football Manager.

Apple Watch Series 3

By far the most niche product on this list, this one was one I argued for ages about. I owned the Apple Watch Series 1, and while an interesting proof of concept I found it to be completely pointless. I bought it for fitness but the lack of GPS functionality meant I had to carry my phone with me, removing all convenience. The Series 3 (like the Series 2) DOES have GPS and i'm pleased to report that its very accurate. Between Apple's Workout App, Strava and Pokemon Go, it tracks and feeds into a single activity app which is not only useful, but makes sense. I've been pairing it with my Powerbeats for running and it works flawlessly, storing a few hundred songs on the Watch itself to be able to run freely with no wires or data requirements. Bliss.

Do you have any love for a certain brand? If so, which is it? Let me know in the comments!