My Top 10 Comic Book Movies

Hey guys, another day and another blog!

I went to see Wonder Woman last night and despite being a big fan of superheroes I had no real expectations going in. I didn't know the character particularly well outside of her appearance in Batman Vs Superman (Spoiler alert, not on the list) but over the course of the movie grew to love both her and Gal Gadot's portrayal of her. A great supporting cast and some fantastic action scenes left me wanting more but it also provided me with the inspiration for today's blog. In order, here are my Top 10 Comic Book Movies! 

Spoiler warning!

10) Logan

The most recent entry on this list, Logan hits harder than an adamantium-infused punch. Hugh Jackman's sendoff for the character he has bought to life over the last decade is full of poignant beauty interspersed with some of the bloodiest violence we've seen in a superhero movie yet.

Most memorable scene - When dozens of men attempt to capture Laura, the young mutant Logan is tasked with protecting. Severed heads ensue, and she proves that she is just as capable of handling herself as he is.

9) Iron Man 3

A controversial pick here - I understand the general disappointment regarding the Mandarin's big reveal but I loved the way they attempted to make the character fit the MCU mythos. Tony Stark's PTSD was underdeveloped but his new sidekick brings a heft dose of heart to the movie.

Most memorable scene - The final showdown between dozens of Iron Man suits and Killian's Extremis-infected supersoldiers is fantastic, and a great chance to see Iron Man's various "wardrobe options" that we haven't seen before.

8) Deadpool

I love Ryan Reynolds. I find him to be both hilarious and charming in equal measure, and Deadpool is the perfect character to showcase this. The perfect antithesis of the dark and brooding superhero movies of DC, and nowhere near as family friendly as anything found in the MCU, Deadpool finds it's own niche. I cannot wait for the sequel.

Most memorable scene - Deadpool taking on a moving convoy single-handedly, before running low on ammunition. Watching him count down his remaining bullets as he empties them into enemies is not only hilarious but one of the best action scenes of 2016.

7) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

In his first appearance on this list, Captain America finds himself in a political thriller sprinkled with superhero elements. Investigating corruption from within SHIELD means that he can't trust anyone (even Black Widow) and new cast members like Falcon shine alongside mainstays such as Nick Fury.

Most memorable scene - The elevator. 

6) Captain America: Civil War

More an Avengers movie than a Captain America one, Civil War features some of the greatest action scenes in the history of Marvel movies and one of the more captivating central conflicts. Seeing the Avengers divided into Team Iron Man and Team Captain America is something a lot of people had been waiting years to see and it didn't disappoint.

Most memorable scene - Spiderman's debut in the MCU during the Airport battle is great, but for me the nod goes to Captain America and The Winter Soldier fighting their way down an apartment building's staircase through scores of soldiers.

5) X Men 2

The pinnacle of the X-Men franchise thus far, X2 is like a greatest hits list of superhero scenes. Nightcrawler's assault on the White House, Magneto's escape from prison and Logan's defense of the Xavier Mansion all add up to form a sensational action movie with a huge amount of humanity, summed up in the most memorable scene...

Most memorable scene - Iceman/Bobby "coming out" and telling his parents he is a mutant and their lack of understanding is a scene that shows how the mutants are the most human of all of us.

4) Avengers Assemble

Finally, ending a process that began with the first appearance of Tony Stark at the end of The Incredible Hulk which hinted at a unison of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers were assembled in 2012. Beginning as a group of individuals before being molded into a team capable of defending the Earth from Loki and his Chitauri army.

Most memorable scene - The Battle of New York. Every character gets their chance to shine, and true to Joss Whedon's direction not only is the action fast and frantic but the whole thing is interspersed with bursts of humor that still leave me laughing out loud.

3) The Guardians of the Galaxy

Easily Marvel's funniest film thus far, Guardians of the Galaxy features four misfits thrown together to bicker, argue, lie and steal... and occasionally do some good. Every character is perfectly cast, and though the sequel is great the original will always have a place in my heart. Also, that soundtrack... damn!

Most memorable scene - The prison break.

2) Kick-Ass

Taking the idea of a superhero that isn't all that super in a world where he is constantly the underdog is a great twist, but Kick-Ass is so much more than that. It has emotional moments (Big Daddy's death), insane action choreography (any scene where Hit Girl is let loose) and laugh out loud moments like Red Mist and Kick-Ass cruising and looking for crimes.

Most memorable scene - Big Daddy's execution and Hit Girl's rampage rolled into one. Her father's final moments are giving her instructions on how to clear the room but ultimately she is too late to save him. 

1) The Dark Knight

Here it is, the big one. As a huge Batman fan (should that be Batfan) I can't look past the Dark Knight. The truck chase, the bank job, the prisoners on the boats, the hospital explosion... everything about the film is memorable. The obvious standout performance is Heath Ledger's Joker but Christian Bale and Aaron Eckhart are the best they've ever been.

Most memorable scene - The interrogation scene.

Honorable mentions: Batman Begins, Man of Steel, Watchmen, V for Vendetta

What are your favourite movies based on comic books? Do you agree with the above? Let me know in the comments!