Fresh Starts and Despacito

Hey all, another post this week - you lucky things! No real rhyme or reason for it but i'm feeling an overwhelming sense of positivity. I've been lucky enough to meet some great people recently and reconnect with others. Its like finally opening my eyes to how lucky I am.

Its becoming clear that I have more eyes on me than I'd ever have realised before. This week i've spent some time with all four of my grandparents and its been amazing. I don't usually see them enough but they'll always be completely honest with me and i'm so thankful for that.

I had two of the best nights out of my life last weekend with wonderful people - new and old.

My friends and in particular my boss have been there every step of the way.

I'm also learning to love myself and the place i'm in at this point in life. I have a pretty kickass flat, a comfy seat and a Netflix account - everything else is just a cherry on top ;)

Oh, and after listening to Despacito (you know the one) I decided I need a holiday to somewhere hot (hotter) and just as I was thinking about it my mates invited me - just shows that you get out of the universe what you put in (still wishing on some lottery money/karma to hit back harder than ever!).

Stay positive, stay humble, stay you.