My Fave Songs of 2017 So Far

Hi all, another music post!

Thought i'd do a rundown of my fave songs that have been released this year, enjoy! In no particular order...

Dayseeker - Carved From Stone

I was SO pleased with Dayseeker's album, and I feel its probably the heaviest they've released so far. This song, however, provides a moment of respite in the second half of the album - and from its almost haunting opening to the wonderful chorus it really demonstrates how versatile these guys are.

The Story So Far - Out of It

The Story So Far have long been one of my go-to pop punk bands, regardless of mood. Catchy enough to lift your spirits but with enough bite to resonate emotionally, this song is the definition of unapologetic - "Can't believe you're still upset, get over it". The simplicity of the opening riff is also a huge hook, big fan.

Neck Deep - In Bloom

Sticking with pop punk (as per), Neck Deep's "The Peace and The Panic" is a great album, although it is my least favourite of theirs so far. That said, "In Bloom" might just be one of the greatest songs they've written, and outside of a questionable intro sample about an atomic bomb, it hits it's stride early and keeps me coming back.

Secrets - Incredible

Secrets' first album "The Ascent" did nothing for me, but following a lineup change i've really enjoyed the two they released afterwards. I stumbled across this track on Apple Music the other day and I love it. It has a more "punk" feel in the verses but the simple chorus is so addictive. It also pulls double duty as a great soundtrack to a workout.

I The Mighty - Chaos In Motion

I The Mighty have consistently been a fantastic post-hardcore band that really deserves more of a following than they have. I first heard them on their EP "Karma Never Sleeps" and this might be my new favorite track of theirs. Its catchy and easy to relate to - crank it!

Architects - Doomsday

Comfortably the heaviest track on this list, "Doomsday" is the first song released by the band since the passing of guitarist Tom Searle in 2016. The lyrics are perfect, and the clean vocals from Sam Carter are beautiful... then the heavier side of the band kicks in again and it sounds like a song worthy of Tom's songwriting. Sensational.

Brand New - 137

Oh Brand New. You crazy guys. Dropping an album on a random weekday following an 8 year musical drought, and of course its one of the year's best albums. It was tough to pick just one song from "Science Fiction", but this one is a standout even in such illustrious company. Starting out fairly sombre and building to a crescendo worthy of the band that bought us "Limousine", "137" has all the hallmarks of a classic Brand New song while redefining their sound for 2017. 

What are your picks for the best songs of 2017 so far?