Bands I Miss

Hi all,

Just a quick one today! Wanted to throw some love to some bands that have either disbanded or split up in the last few years that I still listen to regularly (and miss!).

Funeral For A Friend

In retrospect, FFAF may have peaked too soon. Their debut album "Casually Dressed..." is one of my all time faves and the follow-up "Hours" was a great album too. Since then I couldn't find as much to love but having seen FFAF play "Casually Dressed..." in it's entirety along with a smattering of "Hours" a few years ago, they've left a huge impression on me.

Every Avenue

Good lord I loved this band. The last album "Bad Habits" is still an absolute jam, and everything before it was pop-punk with an emphasis on pop. In terms of the amount of hooks, Every Avenue are right up there as one of the catchiest bands i've heard in my life. Dave Strauchmann's voice is perfect for their style, and "Only Place I Call Home" is one of the best songs in the genre.


This one cuts deep. Letlive's "Fake History" is another all-time great in my mind and the band, led by Jason Butler, refreshed a post-hardcore genre in need of reinvention. After their second album, the third was a long time coming but lineup changes took their toll - while still a great album it lacked the ferocity of it's predecessors.


Yet another post-hardcore band, and again hugely influential, this one is a bit of a cheat - AOF have played shows this year, so who knows when they'll call it quits entirely. Between numerous side projects (most famously Dallas Green's turn as "City And Colour), AOF went on hiatus for a few years. "Crisis" is my preferred album, but you can't go wrong with any of it!

The Dangerous Summer

Oh Dangerous Summer. Your debut album "Reach For The Sun" was the soundtrack to a year of my life. The follow-up "War Paint" was much the same. 2013's "Golden Record" was great too. Personal issues led to vocalist AJ Perdomo leaving the band due to struggles with guitarist Cody Payne, who was arrested last year on burglary charges. Somehow, and against all the odds, The Dangerous Summer have plans to reunite this year and I cannot wait.