The Things I Learned in 2017

2017 was a big year for me in terms of personal growth. Here are some things i've learned.

- Nothing will ever be perfect but things can be perfect to you.

- Take time for yourself. I cannot stress this one enough.

- Train hard but not so hard that it takes over your life. If you've done the best you can in the time you have then that's all you need.

- Don't be afraid to say no when you're holding out for something different.

- Honesty is the most important thing we have. Don't let anything change that.

- Some people aren't worth your time and that is their issue, not yours.

- When you feel negative about something make positive changes to address that...

- ... but don't expect those changes to happen overnight...

- ...and always make those changes for you. Give yourself a reason to make those changes and the drive to make it happen, but never listen to someone else that wants to change you.

- There will always be those that don't see the world as you do but it doesn't make either party wrong.

- When you find someone special, you'll feel it in your bones.

- Enjoy life but keep one eye on your future - financial responsibility is something I struggled with for years but have made great strides.

- Brand New are still alive (and i'm seeing them in the next month).

- People can be downright awful...

- ... but don't let your past colour your future.

- There are few things more precious in life than family and your closest friends.

- A small act of decency or kindness can change a day and maybe even save a life.

Thanks for reading,