The Best Christmas Movies

A new week and a new blog. I've been getting more regular with these - here's hoping it continues!

As I can't stop thinking about Christmas, why not share my favorite Christmas movies? I was going to put these into some kind of order but if i'm honest, they're all amazing.

Home Alone

A story all about family - told by a youngster doing really painful things to bad people. "Home Alone" has a pretty implausible setup (Kid left at home while seemingly every member of his family goes on holiday and can't get back or get anyone to check on him) but it works so well because the slapstick humor meshes with Kevin McAllister's attempt to be the man of the house. Also, the house is beyond big - if I were to star in a remake i'd have 4 rooms to choose from which wouldn't make the best movie!

Honorable mention: Home Alone 2 is a great movie - it just isn't as good as the first.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I have a confession. I hate musicals. Yes i'm a musician. Yes I appreciate the music in them. But outside of Disney movies and THIS movie I would rather the plot develop than every character break out into song. What makes this movie so special is the animation, the character of every scene and yes - the music. "This Is Halloween", "Whats This?", "Jack's Lament" - every song is perfect. My family and I watch this every Christmas Eve without fail.


I may be biased here because I love Will Ferrell's work but similarly I think Elf is up there with the best of them. Elf is a heartwarming tale of a "fish out of water", except Buddy the Elf isn't really an Elf at all and the water in this instance is Santa's workshop. Elf tells a very family-friendly tale with just enough irreverence for adults to enjoy.

The Santa Claus

I saw this movie for the first time last year and absolutely loved it. The premise is hilarious (Divorced Tim Allen accidentally kills Santa and has to replace him) and the casting is great. Allen's sarcasm slowly gives way to festive cheer like ice melting and his physical transformation is hilarious. As with Elf, there are some great jokes for the adults too...

The Muppets Christmas Carol

Without a doubt my favorite version of the classic Dickens' novel, "The Muppets Christmas Carol" shows that Michael Caine can do no wrong. Muppets, music, and breaking the fourth wall all add up to pure Christmas in 86 minutes (side note: I miss when movies were shorter).

Honorable mention: The Patrick Stewart version from 1999 is great because Patrick Stewart is great.

Jingle All The Way

Whats Christmas without commercialism?! We've all made that mad dash for a last minute present, but Arnold Schwarzenegger's tale of trying to find the must-have toy on Christmas Eve is full of laughs and none of the stress. From fighting fake Santas en masse in a warehouse, trying to outwit a similar-minded postman or numerous run-ins with the world's unluckiest Police Officer, the movie has everything. Oh and Phil Hartman's smarmy neighbour steals the show in one of his final roles before his tragic death.

So there you have it, my favorite Christmas movies. Its all subjective of course, so what are yours?