Things I Achieved This Year

Good evening all!

Its been good recently to take stock of the year as a whole. Its felt like a long one, but it blossomed into a great one. 

Here are a few things I'm really proud of this year:

This blog! I started this years ago but it was this year that I stuck to it. My posts have been scattershot at best and downright essays at worst, but I really hope people have found plenty to enjoy. I don't write this for any response in particular, but people seem to have used it as a "lightning rod" of sorts to talk about their own issues with mental health and that means more to me than ever before.

- Speaking of which, this year I finally began to focus on me. I'm the furthest thing from perfect, but spending time to take account of my actions in the past has helped me find some good karma. Making up with people i've hurt in the past, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones has been hugely important for me.

- I think this year I fully appreciated that I'm never alone. I'm part of a beautiful family, immediate and extended. I couldn't ask for better.

- I made my future financially secure - I'm about to become debt free for the first time in a long time. Its been the longest road, one i've forced myself off of multiple times in the last few years, but my self-destructive tendencies seem to be behind me.

- After a long summer where I felt like I drank myself silly, i've started taking infinitely better care of my body. The improvement is there to see, and i'm proud of myself for continuing to train well into the winter.

Awkward Pose Co.
- The next Counties EP is written and (almost) recorded. More on that when i'm able to share details but rest assured it'll be worth the wait - I'm incredibly proud of the material we've written. Its been 3 years in the making, after all. We also played some absolutely insane shows this year in terms of crowd participation, numbers and general energy but I've also got a soft spot for our acoustic performances.

- My professional life has gone from strength to strength. I've taken on more responsibilities and am grasping at more opportunities presented than I ever have before. This year I obtained another couple of qualifications and stepped up my training to achieve what I want to achieve. I have a goal in mind, and I have nothing but time to achieve it.

- I started my Youtube channel, and while i'm not going to be making millions in ad revenue anytime soon (read: ever), the three videos I put up i'm extremely proud of and i'm hopeful of adding more next year. 

- I gave a "Best Man" speech at a wedding for the second time in my life.

- I got a new car. Shiny.

Best for last? Ok then.

- This year, Frankie happened. Through a chance encounter through an unspecified dating app, I found my dream girl. It took me over 27 years to find her and there is absolutely no way I'll let go now. From common interests (music, animated comedies), to the best weekends of my life (Comic-Con), and now to preparing for our first Christmas together, I count myself so lucky to be able to text her first thing in the morning right through to our late night phone calls. Just when I thought i'd finally frozen over, she lit a fire. I cannot be more thankful for her, and I now know what love is. 

She hates this photo, but I don't care. Shes smiling, and I love it.

What are you most proud of this year? I think its important to think back and reflect on the last 365 days, and for the first time in a long time, i'm excited for the years to come.