And the bass keeps runnin', runnin' - My Cardio Workout Gear!

Third post this week - i'm high on life! Got back to training this week after a few days off over Christmas and New Year. Managed to convince my friend Matty to join up at the gym with me too - hope he's ready to sweat!

In the last week i've managed to run 5K on the seafront twice for the first time in a few months due to a dodgy knee and appalling weather. Mind you, one of those runs was in the pouring rain so we're not quite out of the woods on that one! In the meantime I've been running 5K on the treadmill at the gym to keep toasty!

Over Christmas, my wonderful girlfriend gave me some Gymshark training gear so I thought i'd post about what I use for running!

Gymshark Convent T Shirt

I have this shirt in purple and I absolutely love it. Its comfortable and although tight, it never feels like it gets in the way of movement. I also have a really good Adidas training shirt.

Gymshark Shorts

I almost always ran in a pair of Adidas shorts but after one wash too many they developed a hole where one wouldn't wish for a hole... luckily Frankie grabbed me these (in black) for Chrimbo and a) the fit is lovely (I've gone from an XL waist in Gymshark to a L in a year) and b) I think they suit my body shape... including my bum! They've been perfect for 5K but I can't wait to try them on a 10K! Bonus points for zip-pockets for carrying my keys, something my Adidas shorts didn't offer!

Adidas Underlayer

I sometimes run in Running Leggings but they always come up a bit short on me, so I've taken to wearing shorter versions. They're so comfortable and while my legs have got a fair bit slimmer which means I chafe less, they do help carry sweat away from the skin.

Nike Free Run 5.0

Ok - I need to invest in a fresh pair of shoes but the general consensus is that these aren't bad. I wear them to the gym and when running so they have to be comfortable and that they are!

Apple Watch Series 3 42mm

I've mentioned this before but I bought myself an Apple Watch Series 3 a few months ago and the addition of GPS (vs my original Series 1) makes all the difference to my running workouts. I can track time, distance and heart rate, but perhaps most importantly - I store my running playlist on the Watch itself, meaning I don't need to carry a phone to listen to music. I use the sports band as my strap and have a small, lightweight case attached which provides protection from bumps, scrapes, or (heaven forbid), falling over!

Powerbeats 2 Wireless

A cheeky eBay buy a year or so ago, these earphones are perfect for a run. Connecting via Bluetooth, they charge quickly and hold plenty of charge for long runs. I have these in Red (I prefer the black version myself!) and they provide clear sound with the added security of the hooks over my ears. Oh, and as per Beats' usual audio output, its bass heavy - but I like it that way.

So there you have it, my running clothes and tech - anything you'd recommend?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!