Setting Myself A Challenge

Hey everyone!

Another week, another post - but this one is something a little different.

I'm setting myself a challenge. For those that know me, i'm a very social person - between this blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (sometimes Snapchat), its rare a day goes by that I don't share something about my day or a photo.

This stems from a need for attention that I don't quite understand myself, but it gives me confidence to share these things. Recently, however, i've wondered if its doing more harm than good - I rely on validation from external sources to the point where i'm getting a bit worried that my ladder has become a crutch.

So, here is the challenge:

- From midnight tonight (9th January 2018), I will deactivate my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. In fact, i'll delete the apps for each to ensure i'm not tempted.

- My only posts will be on this blog, which 99.9% of my friends that do read will not realise because the only way they see them is via my Facebook sharing.

- I'll see how long I last...

What do I hope to achieve from this?

- Avoiding the amount of negative energy there is in the world - particularly on Twitter where things can get pretty toxic. Ain't nobody got time for that.

- Maybe it'll inspire me or some friends to actually have a conversation - would that be so bad? Rather than "likes" and comments, we can actually just speak to each other.

- Some peace and quiet would be nice.

Its all in the spirit of improving myself, and I for one am kind of excited - I haven't been without Facebook since 2007 - I think i'm long overdue a break.

Thanks for reading!