The "Games As A Service" Model is Stressing Me Out!

Hi everyone, hope you're all well!

I've previously discussed my backlog and unfortunately, it just gets less and less manageable nowadays. I've never been a big multiplayer guy - a few matches of Call of Duty here and there, playing my friends at FIFA, and raiding with a group in Destiny. That's pretty much it.

But with the lines of multiplayer and single-player being blurred more and more, recently i've become stuck in a wormhole of "Games as A Service". For those that don't know, these are the games dropping small updates like breadcrumbs to keep you interested and keep you playing. On top of that, the way some of these games have been talked about by the community or my friends have made me want to jump into more. So lets unpack my current to-do list:

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 might be my most disappointing game of the last year - and it all started so well. In any case, while the timed events like Iron Banner (the games' PVP is dismal compared to the first) and Faction Rally (less than captivating to say the least) don't speak to me personally, I still find myself checking in weekly to see what Xur is offering for sale and hoping eventually it'll be "Skyburner's Oath".

The Division

Yep, I returned to The Division and have already written an article about it, but it bears repeating: the updates to this game have fleshed out the skeleton of a good game into a great one. I'm just rolling through New York, knocking off side quests and constantly working towards my next level - i'm currently at 24/25 and am looking forward to hitting the cap (30) so I can play through more of the game with my friend. The 1.8 update released last month adds a new map area, new story content and goodness knows what else. Kudos, Ubisoft.

Assassins Creed: Origins

Sticking with Ubisoft, AC:O is the best looking game I played last year, and while it's DLC drops later this month, in the meantime a free update adds a quest to set the scene AND a new in-game area. There are also "Trials of the Gods" events that can reward high level loot.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

The last Ubisoft one, honest (Rainbow Six: Siege is also getting a ton of new content), Wildlands is perhaps the most impressive of the bunch. While there were already two paid DLC expansions, "Ghost War" is a free update that adds 4 vs 4 adversarial multiplayer to the game. As cool as that is, a timed event allows you to hunt The Predator with your friends through the Bolivian Jungle.

Yes, THAT Predator.

Just when I thought I was out, it pulled me back in. I thought I had my addiction in check before opening a pack to reveal a couple of rare players - and just like that I was back. The promise of constantly improving my squad, plus limited edition promotional packs, keeps me coming back almost daily.

Elite: Dangerous

A game i've always been intrigued by, E:D is a strange game. For hours on end you can fly around space and encounter nothing of interest - although in 4K on the Xbox One X at least space looks mighty pretty. On another day, you can be almost abducted by aliens or run into space pirates while ferrying cargo. Developer Frontier Developments adds more and more to the game at a near constant basis - huge updates such as planetary landings and larger ships that need a crew of your friends to fly, as well as small UI fixes and the like. In fact, the Xbox version launched in December 2015 and is still playing catch-up to updates the PC version has had!

Star Wars: Battlefront II

Call me crazy, but Battlefront II is great. There still isn't an in-game store for microtransactions (but it is undoubtedly on it's way), but with the tweaking and adjusting EA and Dice have done to the in-game economy, I've unlocked almost all of the heroes despite not playing what I would call a huge amount. Challenges linked to The Last Jedi (and a new map from the movie) keep everything current, and I can't wait to see what content is added from the Han Solo movie due this year.


The last game on this list, and one that (as with The Division), Youtuber Skillup recommended.

I played Warframe when I got my PS4 in 2013. It was fine - a bare-boned, third person shooter/slasher that was a bit repetitive but fine to play while I waited for Destiny's release. Upon the advice of the above Youtube video, however, I'm keen to jump back in - in fact i'm planning to play a fair amount more and write a post on my findings. The game has added constant unlockables, combat enhancements and even an open-world area. In a post-Destiny 2 world, Warframe might be just the grind-a-thon I need!

Oh, and on top of these I'm chipping away at The Witcher 3 and Forza Horizon 3, both of which just got insane 4K patches.

So there you have it, 8 games that I want to jump into that I just can't find the time for! What are you playing at the moment and is the game actively trying to keep you playing? Let me know in the comments!