The PopPunkPanda 2018 Wish List

Hey everyone!

Eugh, I'd planned to keep on top of blogs but between work, training and just being generally busy and a little unwell I haven't had a chance.

Oh, and the "Social Media Cleanse" is going well. One week in and going strong, ALTHOUGH I reactivated Twitter because I needed my transfer news fix.

Here are my hopes for 2018 in terms of gaming, movies, music and TV.

- Game of Thrones (which we already know isn't coming out until 2019) goes radio silent. I don't care much about the planned prequel series, I just want the next season to shock me the way Season 1 and 3 did. As a result, i'm going on a media blackout for it, as tough as it'll be!

- New albums from The Story So Far, The 1975, The Ghost Inside (a long shot, admittedly), State Champs, Four Year Strong and Bring Me The Horizon. Stranger things have happened - The Dangerous Summer releasing a new album this month springs to mind!

- Speaking of Stranger Things, 2018 should see the release of season three and OH GOOD LORD I just love this show. I'm hoping for a few more 80s references which should be a safe bet!

- On the subject of great shows, I've recently been getting back into American Horror Story. Each season being a self-contained story is great, but while I'm up to Hotel (and really enjoying it), I found Murder House and Asylum to be a bit jumbled and disappointing. Here's hoping that this year's season (whatever it is) is a good'un.

- South Park Season 22. That is all.

- The Han Solo movie absolutely kills it. Please. I have faith in Ron Howard. Black Panther also looks incredible and then there's the small matter of Avengers Infinity War and Incredibles 2. So many superheroes, such little time. I also have high hopes for Ready Player One and Pacific Rim: Uprising but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a tad worried about Jurassic World 2.

- Nintendo Switch continues to sell incredibly well and EA takes notice.

- Pokemon on Switch.

- Spiderman on Playstation 4 is great, God Of War is also great. That is, if either get a release date.

- Anthem comes out, piling the pressure on Destiny 2...

-... which sorts it's shit out with "Taken King" level overhaul...

-... just in time for The Division 2.

- E3 2018 sees the return of Splinter Cell, one of my all-time favourite franchises.

- Harebrained Schemes' Battletech gives me the Mechcommander feels I've been looking for the last 20 years.

- Xbox gets some first-party exclusives. FINALLY.

- Call of Duty and Battlefield both go back to modern day settings.

- FIFA 19 launches in better shape than FIFA 18 did.

- Apple releases an iPhone XL - a larger screened version of last year's iPhone X. It'll probably cost the same as a brand new car. I'll want one anyway.

What are your hopes for 2018? Let me know!