The Social Media Cleanse - Update 1

Hi all!

Last week I deactivated my social feeds and deleted the apps. Here are my findings one week on:

- My phone battery has never lasted longer. Less "screen-on time" and data refreshing means that my phone lives longer every day.

- I caved, slightly. It was silly of me to think I could go without Twitter in the midst of a January transfer window, even more silly when you consider that Arsenal are very, VERY active for the first time in a long time.

- I find that any idle time I used to have (first thing waking up, lunch breaks, before bed), I unlock my phone, prepare to open Facebook or Instagram, realise I can't, and lock my phone again. Its the weirdest thing but it's been nice!

- When re-activating Twitter, I unfollowed a bunch of people to clear my feed a bit.

- I also un-friended people from school on Facebook and Instagram prior to deactivating my account last week to stop things like this happening. If they want to speak to me, i'm sure they will - they have my number.

- Most positively of all, friends who I've previously communicated with in the form of "likes" and comments have text me and made an effort to re-connect, which is pretty much everything I wanted to achieve with this.

Alas, all good things have to end - I'll be returning to social media in the next week or so as I have some promotion to do for the band. Will it change my posting habits? We'll see in the next update!