The Social Media Cleanse - Update 2

I'm back.

After a couple of weeks off of social media, i'm fully re-activated. Honestly, I didn't realise I missed it until I hopped on again. Friends are one thing, but it helps me keep in touch with family too, some of whom are the other side of the globe.

A few minor observations:

1) People who thought i'd blocked you, I hadn't! My tattooist had been trying to get through for a week... oops!

2) Views on this blog dropped off because I wasn't able to share it anywhere!

3) I managed to reconnect with friends in the way I'd hoped for...

4) ... but the "endless scroll" of boredom has returned!

All in all, I can't recommend taking a break enough - I was able to focus on myself rather than a perception of myself. In fact, I may even do it every few months to "reboot".

It also helped I was kept busy - recording sessions, night shifts, spending time with friends and, of course, time with Frankie. I think i'd have been itching to return a lot sooner had I not been able to keep myself busy - I think a lot that stems from living alone, which actually might not be the case too much longer (here's hoping!).

In any case, thanks for reading!