"If Forever Is What It Takes" - Track by Track

Following our drummer Tom's death on February 3rd, 2018, I think this EP now means a lot more to us than it did before. The following blog post was written a while back. I hope this EP makes Tom proud. L

If you're reading this then we finally did it. After about three years (maybe more), we're ready to announce our second EP. Following on from "Failure Is Not An Option" we wanted to show more of what we can do while keeping the general idea of our sound. With that in mind, there are still big choruses, still fast verses, and still some chunky breakdowns. I thought i'd take this opportunity to give you a behind the scenes look at each track on the EP.


The second song we'd written for this EP, we wanted to write a pop punk anthem to be played loud with the windows down. The song's title was originally just a description of the lyrical tone but ended up sticking. The general theme is one of lost love and betrayal - not something I wanted to write about at length because of the cliche nature of it. That said, we think there's something to be said for the catharsis of "Don't fuck with my family". Lyrically, I took a lot of inspiration from Brand New's "Your Favourite Weapon" and The Story So Far's "Under Soil and Dirt".

Rest Assured

The song containing the lyrics that the EP was named after, "Rest Assured" is a song about my own struggle with mental illness. Throughout the course of the song the tone shifts from a desperation to get "better" to a stronger sense of individuality. The chorus was something i'd written years prior but it fit both the tone and the melody here.


The last song written for the EP, "Survive" features everything we loved about our previous EP but feels like a natural continuation of that - whereas the quick verses in songs such as "2014" or "November" went into just as pacy choruses, "Survive" has a more laid back chorus that we're super proud of and we're really hopeful it'll translate into some amazing crowd singalongs.

Am I To Blame?

Tom M on bass had written the intro section in our previous band but we didn't find anywhere to put it. After Counties reformation we've put it to good use. The verse gives way to a bouncy and incredibly catchy pre-chorus and the chorus is reminiscent of punk songs we grew up - "balls out" and full of power chords. Special mention here to Tom M's work on the first draft of the lyrics for this song - he laid the groundwork for what "AITB" became.

Better Days

A song we've had written for what feels like a lot longer than 3 years, "Better Days" has been our set-ender for most of the time we've been playing. Completely subconsciously, its become the other side of the coin to "Rest Assured" - whereas that song's message is one of picking one's self up and powering through, "Better Days" is telling you that its ok to be sad and that things will always pick up again.


Easily the heaviest song we've written, "Burn" was almost entirely written by Rob as one piece. With some group input we fleshed it out slightly and i'm particularly proud of the chorus. The inspiration for this song was a very good friend of mine - in all the time I knew him I did a lot for him and when things went downhill for me he was nowhere to be found. "Burn" was my way of coping with that. Also, the breakdown is so much fun to play live.

So there you have it, after what feels like a lifetime, the EP is almost out.