My Gaming Setup

I haven't written anything new in a while simply because i've had a lot on my mind and i'm still not feeling 100% but I figured I set a goal to write more blog posts so lets get back to something more lighthearted.

As you all know, I love videogames. All of them. Ever. So here's a little rundown of my setup at this point in time:

Television: LG 55UH650V

A cheeky Black Friday deal in 2016, my 55 inch 4K TV strikes the perfect balance between affordability and quality. Smart features aren't something I use and a little tweaking is required to enable HDR on each input but its also a very good looking TV, with an optical port for my soundbar...

Soundbar: Sony HT-CT80

Having been on the lookout for a soundbar, I found this one from a seller on Facebook and haven't been disappointed. Connecting to my TV via the aforementioned optical port, I can also connect my bluetooth devices such as my phone or laptop to it when I have people over for a few drinks before going out. Turning it to "Night Mode" also makes it easier on the neighbours below as well but cutting a lot of bass but still giving a great sound.

Primary Console: Xbox One X

I've written at length about my Xbox One X and its my primary console for three main reasons: Firstly, its a very powerful machine. Multiplatform games look best on the X (just as well, given Microsoft's lack of exclusives that speak to me personally). Secondly, it features a 4K blu-ray drive, something curiously lacking from the Playstation 4 Pro. Finally, the multimedia options are preferable to me because I use Kinect to control volume and pause things like Netflix. I also have the Kinect set up to turn on the Xbox, TV and Soundbar with voice commands too.

I pair my Xbox One X with an Elite Controller (although the build quality is disappointing - I'm hoping the rumored second iteration fixes this) and a Seagate Expansion 4TB hard drive. The drive is USB powered so doesn't take up an extra plug socket in my adapter also. Combined with the internal 1TB hard drive, this gives plenty of space for sizable 4K titles. The console is also hardwired to my wireless router for improved connection and speeds.

Secondary Console: Playstation 4 Pro

My second console is less powerful than the X, but Sony's push for an impressive library of Playstation 4 exclusives means I'd be lost without it. I got the console with Horizon: Zero Dawn, a stunning title, and between this and my "Game of the Year" Persona 5, its easy to spend hours on the PS4 Pro.

My PS4 Pro has an internal 1TB drive, but its also hooked up to a WD External Hard Drive which adds an extra 3TB - perfect for the wealth of Playstation Plus games added each month. As with the Xbox One X, the console is plugged directly into my broadband router. Oh, and Remote Play on the Vita in bed is a dream.

Bonus Console: Nintendo Switch

I didn't know what to put this one under, as some days its my primary console (Dragonball Xenoverse 2), while other days its my party machine (Mario Kart 8 with friends and Puyo Puyo Tetris with Frankie).

The Switch doesn't have 4K, or Netflix, or even the ability to plug in to the router. But my goodness its a technical marvel, something I've spoken about before. Some days I'll play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in bed in handheld mode, sometimes I want to see it on my  55 inch TV. It borders on magic at times.

My Switch contains a 128GB MicroSD card leftover from my Samsung Galaxy Note 7 a while back - so I can store plenty of digital titles to go with my physical ones. While the Joy-Con controllers are great, my larger hands needed something a bit more substantial - the Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller is not only more comfortable for longer play sessions, but it allowed me to beat a boss battle I'd been struggling with on Dragonball Xenoverse 2.

Computers: Mid-2015 iMac 27 inch with 5K Display and Mid-2014 Macbook Pro 15 inch with Retina Display

Yes, I know. PC gaming isn't meant for Macs. But i've written about that before over here.

Headset: Polk 4 Shot

In terms of headset, I needed something that would work on all of my consoles and my computers too. This meant the only way to go is wired. I picked up the Polk 4 Shot headset in black on the recommendation of the Xbox One subreddit some time ago. Comfortable and clear, they've served me well ever since. My only gripe is that the retractable microphone can sometimes be a tad quiet, but that seems to have been less of an issue recently. The headset is also really nice in black, matching the colour of my Xbox and PS4 while the grey accents complement my Switch also.

So there you have it, my Gaming Setup. How does it compare to yours?