7 Little Changes

Two posts in one week, oh my! (Update on yesterday, ran 10K in 58 minutes - so proud!)

This one is inspired by a few questions I've had recently about weight-loss. So, while i'm no expert, I know how to drop a few pounds and have done so quite often in the past. 

Losing weight doesn't have to be the uphill struggle you're expecting. In fact, if you follow these tips you may find it happens without thinking too much about it at all! Here are some small tips to get you started:

1) Remove sugar from tea and coffee

If, like me, you drink a fair amount of tea and coffee (I should cut down really!), removing sugar from both can be a huge boost to weight loss. It can take some getting used to, but it's well worth it. For bonus points, try to cut down on the amount of milk too!

2) Cut out/minimise your fizzy drink intake

I used to drink almost exclusively fizzy drinks, be that diet/zero sugar coke all the way up to an energy drink a day. Eventually, however, I cut them out and it actually gave me some rather unsettling withdrawal symptoms - headaches, bloatedness etc. After I pushed through, however, I've not felt like I needed one. I've had one in the last two and a half weeks, and if i'm honest, I didn't enjoy it!

3) Hydrate more

This one goes hand in hand with the last two, but water is something I used to drink all the time growing up and then as I got older I moved onto the aforementioned alternatives. Recently, I've taken to drinking a lot more of "Adam's Ale" and it has led to a boost in my concentration and metabolism. It may seem boring, but it is so important.

4) Chicken and rice

I love chicken and rice. It works nicely as a lunch, or a dinner, or sometimes both. While i'm sure the microwave rice I use would be frowned upon by purists, it can be filling, delicious and versatile - you can add all kinds of sauces and flavors.

5) Exercise when you can

I work out 5 or 6 times a week straight after work, which isn't the most i've ever worked out, but I didn't start there. When I first began to go to the gym a few years ago, I was going three times a week all the way up to 8 times a week at my peak - but it was unsustainable with a busy work and social life too.

Set yourself a simple goal to walk for half an hour every day. Then try and squeeze in 45 minutes. Then maybe try and run 2.5km and work your way up from there. If you've had a rough day at work and you get home super late, save it for tomorrow. 5 days is perfect for me, and if I find time i'll run on Saturday mornings before resting on Sunday. Find a workout routine or plan that fits with your lifestyle - don't go from not exercising at all to hitting the gym twice a day!

6) Try not to eat too late - if you can help it

If you don't get home from work until late, this one can't really be avoided - but if you're like me and you're lucky enough to be home by 6 for dinner, try not to eat too much later than 7. It can affect your metabolism and also your sleep pattern.

7) Don't say "I'll skip a meal"

Skipping. Meals. Is. Bad. You need to eat. In fact, if you don't eat for a while and then have a decent meal, your body will retain more of it than intended - that includes the bad parts - and you'll end up storing too much of it. Plus, if your workout is worth it's salt, you won't be able to complete it on an empty stomach.

Ok, i'll wrap this up now as I'm boring myself - above all else, don't panic. If you fancy some chocolate, have it. Bag of crisps? Why not! Life is for living! 

Below is one of my favourite photos that shows how far I've come - I once weighed just over 20 stone but have found my way to where I am now, and I did it for me. 

Thanks for reading!


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