I'm Back.

6 weeks ago today I was prepping for some keyhole surgery - fairly minor stuff. There was nothing life threatening about it, no danger of long-term effects or anything, but it hit my confidence. From Summer last year right through to February, I was training, and training hard.

When I say training, I mean a bit of everything. I was building myself into something I could be proud of. I had more confidence than ever, and I'd once lost 5 stone in 6 months (2012 was a crazy year).

But confidence is fleeting, and being told I'd be out for 6 weeks with no exercise was devastating on a mental level. I'd have to climb a metaphorical mountain again, going from setting PBs to trying to match them.

After two weeks, I had enough. I was walking for an hour at a time anyway, why not run? So I did, hitting a 35 minute 5K when I was once hitting them in under 30. I was deflated, yes, but once I'd seen my stitches hadn't split I resolved to step it up.

I did another run the week after, another the week after that. Last night I ran 5K in just under 28 minutes.

After three and a half weeks, I grew tired of watching the muscles in my arms waste away. They were the source of my confidence over the prior 7 or 8 months - I needed them back.

So I went to the gym and completed an all-round workout targeting my chest, my biceps, triceps and back. All very basic exercises because I wasn't ready to power through yet, but I got there. I ached like hell - my bicep curls had dropped from 22.5kg PB to 15kg. I stepped it up.

In the last two weeks, I've completed 3 BIG workouts a week (shoulders, chest/triceps and back/biceps), plus running. My chest is showing definition. Drop sets that were tough before surgery are still tough, but i'm getting further. I may even be stronger.

6 weeks doesn't feel all that much to most, but it has felt like an eternity for me as I try to rebuild my fragile confidence. I'm getting there, but it isn't done yet.

I'll update this post with some photos when I have some, but knowing i've achieved what i've achieved despite not being medically cleared to lift has me filled with so much confidence for Counties' first show of the year this week.


Special thanks to Frankie for cheering me on, Christie for training me/training with me, and Anytime Fitness Southend for being my favorite gym ever!

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