My Loyalty To Apple Products

Hi everyone!

Another "techy" post - I have nothing to moan about in my personal life and being back to the gym has released a lot of endorphins so I'm feeling fly! ;)

Following my post last week, I had a few people ask about what my fascination is with Apple products - I joke about being a fanboy, but I kind of am.

My first Apple product was the iPod Mini in around 2007/2008. I'd had MP3 players before but this was different - it was small and mighty, it came packaged in this awesome white box and although it only had 6GB of storage, I loved it. I loved it enough to make sure my next iPod was the iPod Classic. That familiar white packaging can be found shoved in a drawer in my office - iPhones, iPad, AirPods, MacBook Pro and all sorts of accessories.

So, why Apple? Its simple really - there is nothing quite like Apple.

When I walk into an Apple Store, I get excited. While the innovation of their products was curbed long ago, surpassed by the likes of Samsung and Huawei, the presentation is everything. Those clean tables, the Mac range on one side, overpriced accessories near the back - its always familiar and somehow always exciting.

A new product announcement is an event - I don't queue for the new iPhone, but I consume the content about it on Youtube, blogs, tech sites etc for weeks on end. I watch WWDC (Apple's Developer's Conference) because I want to know about the software coming to my devices. I watch every keynote and often blog about it.

The other key reason is that the ecosystem is such that once you're in, you're in - or at least its an expensive process to break free. My iPhone is my main device, but it wasn't in 2016. In fact, my switch to Android was based almost entirely on needing a change from Apple's "walled garden" policy of "look but don't touch". With Samsung's exploding Note 7, I had an option of phones to switch to but returned to the iPhone for that ecosystem.

My iMac and MacBook Pro share the same music library as my iPhone - everything syncs across all devices. Same goes for podcasts, photos and messages. All of these things can be seen from my Apple Watch too.

The familiar refrain from Apple Users was that "it just works" and unfortunately, Apple doesn't always nail that. iOS11 is disappointing, while MacOS has reached a point where there simply aren't that many improvements in each update. There are still some issues pairing my Powerbeats with my Watch before a run. But when it works - there is nothing quite like it.

At work I've been issued a Microsoft Surface Pro and it is an impressive bit of kit. I love the stylus support when I'm on site, the flexibility of the keyboard cover when I'm at my desk, and the power to pump demanding applications to my external monitor when I need it to. That said, if I was in the market for a tablet device (spoiler alert - I sort of am) I'd STILL be edging towards an iPad Pro. It runs iOS instead of the full version of Windows which limits it's utility massively, but the prospect of integrating it with all of my devices is an enticing one - using the iPad Pro to record some demos at the studio in Garageband and dropping them into my Mac for editing. Using it with the Apple Pencil to draw on the plans of my new home and planning furniture.

Most likely, I'd use it to browse Reddit while Frankie plays Super Mario Odyssey!

Anyway, there you have it - I'm stuck in the Apple Ecosystem... and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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