Just Checking In...

Phew.. What a couple of weeks.

Still haven't moved house and as a result my blogging and SquareXO contributions have stopped! Also still haven't got the Counties EP back so everything I was excited for a month ago still stands true today!

Not a proper post today but the plan is to (once moved) start back up again. As things stand we're hopeful for next weekend, just in time for Slam Dunk festival - hype!

In any case, I thought I'd have a quick recap of the goals I set for 2018 back in January to assess my progress!

1) More regular blog posts.

Other than the last two weeks, I've been nailing this. In fact, this post is my 21st of 2018 and while there are some weeks where I can't find anything to write about, thats about to change with Apple's WWDC and E3 around the corner!

2) Buy my new home.

Oh my. Delays after delays after delays have caused an insane amount of stress - but the finish line is in sight. In fact, I think we're exchanging this week. More on this when it happens!

3) Play more shows.

This one has been tough. After Tom's death in February, we've played one show since and it was emotional to say the least. That said - people I'd never met before were singing along to songs we'd written. It was insane and touching.

4) New music releases.

Soon. I promise. The EP is being mixed as we speak and hopefully we'll have the tracks ready for release within a fortnight.

5) Stream video games at least once.

I did it! I streamed some PUBG, Assassins Creed and Fortnite recently and while the view count wasn't anything amazing, I was super proud to take that step to combat my anxiety. Here's to more!

6) More Youtube content.

I've really dropped the ball on this one, but I'm planning a new look for the channel to incorporate more than just music. It may work, it may not, but I don't think playing acoustic songs in front of my camera is what I want to do anymore.

7) More Instagram content. 

I've kept this one up - more stories, a few fashion posts but predominantly I've been pushing to show my weight-loss progress. Don't forget to follow me at lloydcoombes for more!

So yeah, its been a real up-and-down year so far. I experienced things I didn't think I ever would, but I also bounced back from them and Summer is looking positive.

I'll be back soon!


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