PopPunkPanda - The E3 Predictions/Wishlist

Hey everyone!

Welcome to (what will be) my first ever collaborative post!

E3 is just around the corner, just a few short weeks away. However, I should be moving house next weekend so a lot of stuff is boxed up and ready to go and thought i'd post this before i'm without internet for as long as it takes to get that up and running.

My good friend Nick is going to offer up his own predictions (in the coming days) and the idea is that each correct answer gets a point. We haven't planned what the prize/forfeit is as yet, but i'm sure it'll be fun! We're also adding in our hopes and dreams for E3.

(SquareXO are planning our own predictions in due time!)

So without much further ado (this'll be a long one), here we go.


  1. Bethesda finally reveals their long-awaited new IP "Starfield" for 2019.
  2. Elder Scrolls VI is teased, but no gameplay is shown.
  3. Dishonored gets no mention, which makes me sad.


  1. The recently revealed Rage 2 is awesome.
  2. Wolfenstein: The New Colossus gets a standalone expansion a la "The Old Blood"


  1. NBA Live is retired... again.
  2. Respawn's Star Wars game is shown with a 2019 release date.
  3. FIFA 19 will feature the Champions League licence.

  1. SSX/Skate 4 - one or both would be great.
  2. Anthem continues to look amazing but actually offers depth too.


  1. Gears 5 is shown, out this year.
  2. One big exclusive new IP shown, out in 2019.
  3. They show a car for Forza Horizon 4.

  2. Halo Reach added to Master Chief Collection.
  3. A new Elite Controller is shown, hopefully won't fall apart like the last one.
  4. More backwards compatible games (give me Splinter Cell Blacklist goddamn it).


  1. Master Chief revealed as a character in Smash (no, really!).
  2. Pokemon on Switch comes in two versions, gameplay shown but release window of 2019.
  3. Fire Emblem is coming this year.


  1. Pokemon launches this year.
  2. Pokemon launches this year.
  3. Pokemon launches this year.

  1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake shown even though it isn't coming out until 2025 on the PS6.
  2. Destiny 2's big expansion is shown and everyone immediately forgets how much Bungie has cocked up thus far.
  3. Mortal Kombat 11 is shown on Sony's stage and my heart does a little somersault in my chest.
  1. The "Shadows Die Twice" teaser from Game Awards is Bloodborne 2 and it has PS4 Pro support.
  2. Spider-Man keeps looking incredible and we see an open-world exploration section and maybe some new villains.
  3. Days Gone doesn't end up looking like yet another zombie game.
  4. They don't show too much of The Last of Us Part 2 - let us experience it goddamn it!


  1. Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming this year, a new world shown off and it is... (wild guess here)... Incredibles
  2. Left Alive is a mecha game with RPG elements.
  3. Final Fantasy 15 gets it's 200th piece of DLC.


  1. Shadow of the Tomb Raider doesn't just look like the previous installment.
  2. A new strategy Front Mission game is revealed (hey, I can wish!).


  1. In lieu of a new title in the series, Assassins Creed: Origin's gets a big ol' expansion with a new area.
  2. Splinter Cell is revealed and my heart does another somersault, potentially giving me a heart attack.
  3. Beyond Good and Evil 2 gets another teaser trailer but still isn't out for ages.
  1. Aisha Tyler is hosting again.
  2. Splinter Cell is coming this year.
  3. Splinter Cell is amazing.
  4. Splinter Cell is love.
  5. Splinter Cell is life.
Random Wishes

- More Mario Odyssey DLC.
- SOMEONE is publishing IO's Hitman Season 2.
- Crackdown 3 is actually good.
- Modern Warfare 2: Remastered.
- Cyberpunk is coming in 2019 and it looks so good you'll lick your screen.
- Did I mention I really want Pokemon to come out this year?

So there you have it, at least until Nick sends me his to add to the list!