Feelin' Fine In The Sunshine

As I write this, the sun is coming through the window of the second bedroom I call an office. In the distance, I see the sunlight bounce off the sea. My band's EP is about to hit online stores and streaming services this week. I've been to the gym this morning, I've had over a week off work and head back tomorrow. For now, though, life is good.

There were times where I didn't think I'd be here. There were times I was ready to give up and forfeit my happiness - between the rough times at work, the online harassment, numerous shitty relationships and the collapse of most of my creative endeavours, I didn't think I'd be able to put a smile on my face. In fact, this time last year if you'd told me I'd be about to move home into my own property, release new music, be writing regular content for a website and have found the most incredible girlfriend and friends, I'd think you were bloody mad.

What I'm trying to say is that it gets better. When you're at the bottom, looking up seems impossible. Its also the only way to see where you're headed.

I posted a while back about everything I felt I'd achieved in 2017 (you can check that out here), and I felt life would remain as sweet as that forever. I was wrong - we get knocked down, we fall down. I lost Tom, I lost my Uncle Brian. I like to think they're up there looking down on me doing things right and doing things for me and I hope they're proud.

Anyway, this is a short post as I've been a bit spotty with content recently. This week I'm trying something a little different and recording a Youtube video discussing the new EP on a more personal level than the track-by-track I wrote a while back. For now though, I'm going to sit on the balcony with a cup of tea and chill.

Peace for now,


Now Playing: Counties... don't worry, you'll hear it soon ;)