A Celebration

Hey everyone!

How are we all? Good? Glad to hear it.

I'm fine, thank you. Just melting. I actually wore shorts to work today for the first time ever. Felt weird but so breezy!

As I've been a bit busy, I've been neglecting the blog a bit but my next post is my 100th - so it'll be a big one.

For now, I just wanted to remind you all about this Saturday's big night. I'm talking, of course, about the Tom Heward Memorial Show.

I've spoken at length about Tom in the past and how I miss him, but words are just that. On Saturday night we will make our grand gesture of thanks to a man who meant the world to all of us.

Laurence Crow, Pessimist and State of Millenia are some of the coolest guys we know who just happen to be some of the best acts we've played with, so we wanted them to share the stage with us on what will be a special night.

We have a set full of surprises, merch to sell, great bands to play alongside and everything is all for a great cause - raising money for CALM, a charity specialising in helping men speak openly about their mental health free from social stigma.

If you can join us, its £5 per ticket. You can buy these on the door and every penny will go to charity. If you aren't able to make it, you can donate via this link.

Special thanks in advance to everyone that has helped us with this undertaking: a huge thank you to the Heward family, to our friends and family for holding us together, and to the bands we booked for the night. A huge thank you to Chinnerys as well for hooking us up with the venue, staff and equipment to make Saturday night an absolutely incredible night.

We don't want it to be a sad affair - we want to celebrate Tom's life through music, something he was endlessly passionate about. Bring your "A Game", and we promise we'll bring ours.

Facebook Event
How to get there

State of Millenia
Laurence Crow

Thanks for reading as always,


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