100 Posts. Wowzer.

We did it. We made it to 100 posts. 101, actually.

In any case, I thought it would be fun to have a little retrospective look at the last 100 blog posts.

Weirdly, I opened this blog with a review of my least favourite Call of Duty title, Ghosts. Believe it or not, that was in 2014 - so much has changed since then!

Speaking of which, the most popular posts are ones about my personal life. My first post to break the 100 views barrier came in September 2016 and you guys stuck with me throughout a very strange Summer of 2017 where six "Personal" posts in a row went soaring past 100 views. In fact, this post was the most viewed post for ages - reaching a few hundred views.

A particularly shitty experience, however, saw my Happy Mental Health Day post hit almost 700 views.

Of the "Top 10" most popular posts - eight posts are "Personal", with one about the Counties EP and one about leaving Apple Music (and my subsequent return).

While these numbers may seem like a drop in the ocean to some, please consider:

- These posts are not reposted anywhere else or advertised anywhere other than my personal Facebook page and Twitter.

- I write when I fancy it and if I think I have something to say. I also cover a very bizarre mix of topics but it works, clearly!

Enough about the individual posts, what about the page as a whole? Well, I have some facts on that too:

- Most of you view from Windows computers and use Chrome to do so. This is particularly interesting given my love for Apple products and writing about them.

- The blog is popular in the UK (understandable), but its also very popular in the USA, Ireland and Guernsey(?). Oh, and we have a few regular readers in China and the UAE. So, yeah, worldwide!

- As expected, most people check the blog out when I post it on my Facebook wall. My friends are clearly interested, which means a lot. A few people check it from Twitter too. Either that or I have a lot of stalkers.

So what does it all mean? What it means is that at the highest level, we're talking around 700 (SEVEN HUNDRED!) monthly views (up to over 1000 this month), and (and this is the insane part) - over 15,000 visitors since starting in 2014. That is insane, and the good thing is that this is trending upwards. Not bad for a boy in the South East of Essex that wanted to write as an outlet, huh?

So there you have it - a look back at the first 100 posts. Here's to another 100, although I can't see it taking four years!