"The Brick Shithouse"

Hi everyone, how are we?

Between working the weekend shift, the late shift and a normal shift I've been all over the place, was hoping to write this on Monday.

I've written ad nauseum about loving the skin i'm in and all that soppy shit, about how I lost weight, gained some, lifted weights and ran a lot, and how much happier I am today because of it.

Throughout all this, i've been too conscious to take my shirt off (even in my own home) because I didn't like to see my own reflection, or because I thought my partner would drop me like the last one did (spoiler alert, she didn't <3).

So, here is me in all my, um, glory.

It may seem a small thing to most, but I was genuinely proud of myself.

Anyway, besides shifts and the like, I've got another review up over at  SquareXO and should have another up for Xbox Tavern in the next week or so (I can't tell you what its for, sorry).

All in all then a busy week - Frankie and I are off to a wedding on Saturday, so go follow me on Instagram over @lloydcoombes. I recently hit my 1000th post on there - crazy really. I just really love taking photos of Loki, nerdy stuff and (obviously) myself it seems.

Until next time,


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