On Friendship

Hi everyone, how is it going?

Its been a busy couple of weeks for me...

Frankie and I went to the Zoo last week and had an amazing time...

And I got to see my family last weekend for an AMAZING BBQ...

And then, after all of that, I was asked to be Best Man at the wedding of two of my closest friends and favourite humans (photo for comedic effect!) - Thank you Matt and Mia!

It could've been so different, however - we met through an ex, and when things went sideways I remember hanging out with Matt playing Crash Bandicoot on PS4. We passed the controller back and forth, music playing through the speakers and a beer each. It was a perfect evening, if not for the fact I kept thinking "will this be the last time we hang out?"

Over a year later, I'll be planning his stag and writing a wedding speech! 

I remember when I first met Matt and Mia and we really hit it off. Some of my fondest memories of the last three years or so were made with them - movie nights, going to the bar, or playing shows and having them there. To be considered a friend by them makes me incredibly happy. To be considered as Best Man - words can't quite describe.

This got me thinking - about friendship and what it means to be a friend, and so we get to the theme of this blog post.

Growing up, I can't say I ever really had a lot of friends. My parents remember me as a child that kept to themselves. I remember being excited for Summer holidays from school - not for six weeks of freedom but six weeks of isolation. Yeah, there was bullying which didn't help, but right back to primary school I wanted nothing more than to come home and know I had six weeks of being on my own. Even today, I book the same week off in June to spend in solitude - although with Loki I don't think I can ever be truly alone...

Maybe because I didn't have a lot of friends I never realised how much I'd have loved to have some, and growing up I think that's made me appreciate them more. I know people that treat their friends terribly, and it always leaves me wondering if I've ever done that.

I like to think of myself as a dependable friend. I'm the friend that helps you move on short notice, or picks you up when you're hammered because I've just finished night shift. I'm also the friend that knows if you're wasting my time. I don't like to bitch and moan about someone if I wouldn't say it to their face, and that can make me seem abrasive. I'd argue that it makes me more honest than some. 

People come and go, but good friends are people you can reconnect with in a second when you've spent years apart. I'm lucky enough to spend three or four hours a week with my bandmates, I'm in group chats with friends, family and colleagues from outlets I write for, and I have a constant dialogue with two of my best friends. At the other end my friend Oli and I will be lucky to meet up every six weeks through work and other commitments, but when we do its like we've never been apart. I feel lucky to share such communication with the positive people in my life. 

Surrounding myself with positive people was the decision I made in 2017, and it has served me well. 2018 has been rough, but without those same people I'd have never got anywhere close to Christmas. So to everyone that has dragged me through the deepest depths this year, thank you. I don't have enough time to list you all, but I am so thankful every day for all of you.


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