Confessions of an Apple Fanboy

Hi everyone!

Another post this week? Wowzers, I must be feeling creative. I've got another review I'm working on for the Daily Star and am planning another post by the weekend, so keep 'em peeled!

In truth, this is an update of a previous post, but given that it's been a year or so I thought I'd start fresh.

My Apple lineup has changed again, so I thought it would be good to run through what I'm using and what I'm using it for.

iPhone X - 64GB, Space Grey

As I mentioned in my review, the iPhone X is the best iPhone there has been. It's a perfect ratio of small footprint and an impressively immersive display. While the XS, XS Max and XR are now here too, the bump in performance didn't sway me to upgrade - my iPhone X goes everywhere with me. It's my communication device, my camera, my music player, my web browser and then some.


I've mentioned the AirPods before in an older post when I'd just got them, but I still think they're the "most Apple" Apple product in years. They just work - you pair them and you're set. The range is great (I usually set my phone down to charge (wirelessly) in one room) and listen to the AirPods around the flat while I'm tidying.

They're my go-to earphones for almost everything - lunch breaks, gym sessions or Podcasts indoors so as not to bore Frankie to death. There is one thing I don't use them for though...

PowerBeats Wireless 2 - Red

Slightly outdated now by the Beats X, my PowerBeats are my running earphones. Because Apple doesn't advertise the AirPods as being sweat proof, I don't take the risk. My PowerBeats are synced to my Apple Watch so when I run, my music and Podcasts are sent directly to them without needing to carry my phone.

They're loud enough, sweat and water resistant and comfortable. They also come in a really nice carry case which means they don't get tangled around everything else in my bag.

Apple Watch Series 3 - 42mm, Space Grey

As I alluded to just now, my Apple Watch is an essential part of my fitness regime. I use it to track calories burned at all times, as well as time spent exercising or standing. Filling the "activity rings" has become such a compulsion that I'll often go for a 10 minute walk along the seafront and back just to keep my streak going.

Aside from that it's almost always connected to my phone so my notifications come through, which is ideal at the gym when my phone is on the side while I lift weights. Being able to run and have it track my route, vitals, speed and time, all while playing music stored on the Watch is nothing short of revolutionary, and has really helped me up my game.

iMac (Mid 2015) - 27 inch, 5K display, 1TB Fusion Drive

Since I sold my Macbook Pro, my iMac is the de facto computer in my home. Once the office becomes a nursery, things may change, but for now it's connected up to an extra Samsung monitor. This allows me to write on one page while I watch content on the other, or have easy access to iTunes while I'm playing a game.

While it's over three years old (technically), I actually purchased it in 2016 and it is still the current model (discounting the prohibitively expensive iMac Pro). The plan is to upgrade the RAM from a measly 4GB up to at least 8GB, but nothing I record on it has pushed the limits too far just yet.

iPad Pro (2018) - 11 inch, Space Grey, 64GB + Cellular

Here it is, the newest bundle of joy. Remember I mentioned in my last post that we'd arranged a Sky package? Well, there was a significant discount offered on the iPad Pro. I'll have a full review in the coming days, but the short of it is that I've owned the iPad 2 and iPad Air 2, I've owned desktop Macs and Macbooks, and yet this thing is just insanely powerful. I bought it partially to replace my Macbook Pro, and while that may be a stretch, it certainly feels capable.

I've never owned a cellular iPad, so this is a first (and mobile data is off for the time being), and I'd have liked more storage space but the price was incredibly competitive. USB-C feels like a step in the right direction (although it makes charging it a bit more of a nuisance since it requires a different cable), but it's a beautiful piece of technology that feels strangely magical at times.


Apple Music

I've written at length about the eternal battle between Apple Music and Spotify for my affections. I prefer Spotify's app, social features and compatibility, but Apple Music holds my heart, at least for now. The reason is simple - it'll be too much hassle to move. I don't want to have to find hundreds of songs again to add them to my library. With my Apple Music subscription, I simply log in on a new device, tick "iCloud Music Library" and it's there - everything. Convenience is king, and it's keeping me with Apple Music.

Ford Focus Zetec 2017

Not an Apple product, but worth pointing out that my car features a significantly large touchscreen which runs Apple's CarPlay operating system once my phone is plugged in. This gives me access to music, podcasts, maps, Whatsapp and my phone at the touch of a... screen? Thankfully, this now includes third party options so Google Maps or Spotify now work too.

Yep, I think its fair to say I'm a fan of what Cupertino is cooking - and I can't see that changing soon. I'll be back later this week with a full iPad Pro 2018 written review, so keep your eyes peeled.

Until then, thanks for reading!


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