My Home

Hi everyone!

This is a post i've been planning for a little while, and quite honestly I've been putting it off (this was supposed to be post no. 100!).

In any case, as I mentioned earlier in the year, I've moved. Yay! Its closer to the seaside, and while the mortgage payments are higher and I now have to pay for gardeners and cleaners on a monthly basis, it truly feels like home now.



Not much of note here, but the carpets are all new. My last property was predominantly laminate flooring throughout - lovely aesthetically but not quite as cosy I'd argue.


Much smaller than my last one, but perfect size for me. I recently got a coffee machine to pop in the corner, and it fits in there quite nicely. There's also what I call "mood lighting" under the cabinets which is nice!


Larger than my last one (which is handy as I have a litter tray to put in here now...), my bathroom is newly spruced up. Also, at my last address the shower was awful - I am so thankful my new one is much better!

Office/Man Cave

My own little nest, the office is where I do the majority of my writing, blogging, songwriting, web browsing and where I work from home. As a result, I needed it to be nice and cosy. It's surprisingly bright once the sun comes through the window, and the plan is to get blinds to replace the curtains.

On top of that, it's Nerd-vana - full of comic books, action figures, and some beautiful wall art. Also, posters - because I'm a man-child. Also, more mood-lighting behind the desk.

As you can imagine, this will become the nursery next year!


Where the magic happens... if by magic you mean watching Family Guy in bed before falling asleep. The bedroom is perfect size for myself and Frankie, with doors out onto the balcony - perfect for a morning coffee or wine in the evening.

In fact, it was Frankie that made the balcony look so inviting - it was in a right state when we bought it!


The "piece de resistance", and the place where I spend a lot of my evenings, is the lounge. The sofa is from DFS (thank you to Frankie's sister Lauren for helping us secure it!), as is the side table and TV unit.

That irritating heater needs to be removed from the wall - but the rest of it has been a labor of love - it certainly took some time to get the TV on the wall! The balcony is also accessible from here, and Loki is often found perched on the windowsill watching the world go by or snoozing in his tower.

So there you have it, home sweet home! I'm really proud to have been able to buy it, as long and drawn out as the process was!