This Year Just Keeps Getting Better...


I've been super out of the loop with this blog recently, and for that I am sorry. In the last week, I've written the following articles, so go check them out!

Pokemon Lets Go!

Hitman 2

Into The Breach

NBA Playgrounds 2

Turtle Beach Atlas One Headset

After all of that lot, it's fair to say I'm knackered. But there's one more that you may have spotted me sharing on my social media.

I've written for The Daily Star!

Yes, that's right - I'm now a contributor for The Daily Star.

I'm so thankful for this opportunity. Big thanks to Mum, Dad, and Francesca for giving me the nudge to put my writing out there. A huge thank you to Rebecca and Nicole for leading the way for a freelancer like myself to make that jump, and a massive thank you to James from The Daily Star for giving me a chance. I can't wait to get some more content written.

So yes, things have been incredibly busy - but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Finally, a very quick word on my "Braving of the Shave". I'm humbled to say that thanks to the donations of so many wonderful people, the grand total reached £266.00! See more here.

Thanks for reading as always,

L x

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