2019 - The Year Of Dreams

Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Not long until New Years, and with Frankie being unable to drink we're having a nice quiet night in with some friends of ours!

Looking back on my aims for 2018, lets see how I did...

1) More regular blog posts.

Yeah, I nailed this one. In fact, this is my 58th post this year - pretty mad that I've had that much to talk about really. 

2) Buy my new home.

FINALLY, I moved into my new home in late May of this year. I love it, and you can read all about it (and see some photos!) here.

3) Play more shows.

We played a decent number of shows this year, but for obvious reasons we didn't get to play as many as we'd have liked. Losing Tom made us question playing at all. We'll be back in 2019 though, and already have a couple booked for January.

4) New music releases.

After three long years, our EP is out. FINALLY. Go check it out on Apple Music here and Spotify here! If you like it, be sure to come to a show!

5) Stream video games at least once.

I actually did it. I streamed PUBG a few times and weirdly enjoyed it to the point where I might do it more in 2019.

6) More Youtube content.

Yeah this one is a no go. I decided I didn't want to make the same YouTube content I had been making. Look out for something cool (and vastly different) from me in the first half of 2019 though. 

7) More Instagram content. 

I pivoted a lot of my musical content to Instagram, dropping a few #SS1Sessions on my Instagram page.

oombes (@lloydcoombes) on

Looking ahead to 2019, it seems to be the year everything is changing!

1) The New Addition.

As we announced at Halloween, Francesca and I are preparing for our little bundle of joy in May. As of the time of this posting, we also now know the gender - but we're keeping that under our hats a little longer. I AM SO EXCITED!

2) My Freelance Career Is Making A Big Step Up.

In early January, I'm attending my first industry event. I can't speak to specifics but I can say I'll be heading somewhere to play something super early and capture footage, plus interview developers. I can't wait, and hopefully it'll be the first of many. From what I understand, the outlets I've been writing for are hoping to retain me as well.

3) Releasing New Music.

There's no guarantee on this, but we're hoping to have something new to show by year's end. We're incredibly proud of the work we've done over the last few years, but we also want to release more music. We'll have more to show on this as soon as we can!

All in all then, 2018 was a positive year for me (aside from the obvious), and 2019 looks to be huge!

Happy New Year!