Holy S**t - My First Press Event (Pt 1)

Hi everyone, how are you?

Hard to believe we're fast approaching the end of January. Crazy, isn't it?

We played the inaugural CALMival Festival on Saturday and had so much fun while also helping raise money for charity. In fact, a few people we'd never met were singing our lyrics back at us - insane. I think we're close to that breakthrough right now, and hope we can keep bringing our product to packed venues like we did!

Tomorrow marks the start of an incredibly exciting chapter in my life: I'm attending my first press event in the gaming industry.

I started writing freelance in March 2018, and since then I've written for numerous outlets. I've grown stronger as a writer, and more confident as a newbie into what is a vast industry. I've spent hours typing away on articles and reviews, all while maintaining my full-time job, my band life and everything else.

Tomorrow feels like it's the culmination of all of that, and I am so thankful for the friends I've made while plugging away at this, as well as the opportunities I've earned.

So, whats the event?

I'm unable to discuss (yet - this is why today's post is Part 1), but I can confirm it isn't in Southend and will require some travel!

What is the point of this blog post then? This post is to tell you what I'm packing for my trip!

As you can imagine, I'm not about to tell you how many pairs of socks or boxers I'm bringing. This one is for the nerds.

1) iPhone X - Not pictured

Because... well... its my phone. 

2) Apple Watch Series 3

There's a chance there will be some downtime on my trip, and since I'll be exploring somewhere new I'm hoping to squeeze in a nice stroll. The Watch will allow me to  track my wandering and log it to my exercise record. I can grab my Starbucks rewards on the go, too (living that hipster life).

3) AirPods

With there being a not-insignificant amount of travel involved, my podcasts and Apple Music will be a must!

4) iPad Pro

While I'm on location, I have a couple more pieces of writing to work on. Using my iPad Pro's Pages App and my keyboard (not pictured), I should be able to type something up to send over to my colleagues and editors via Slack or Email. Considering I'm on night shift this weekend, being able to submit some writing before the rush of heading to work is likely to be a godsend. Plus, I can use it to watch some Netflix and speak to Frankie through Facetime. 

5) Notepad

Of course, tech is great and all - but you can't beat pen and paper. Since I've not picked up the Apple Pencil yet for my iPad, my plan is to conduct my interviews with my trusty notepad and type them up on the iPad Pro later in the day. 

6) Nintendo Switch

In the last six months, the Nintendo Switch has become one of my all-time favorite consoles. I also don't tend to play it as much as I'd like to when I'm at home because FIFA, Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter tear me away. Luckily, this trip allows me plenty of time to reconnect. Between massive games like The Legend of Zelda, multiplayer games like Smash Bros or Mario Kart (I'd be very surprised if there aren't other Switch owners on the trip!), or smaller indie titles like Into The Breach or Dead Cells, I have so much to play. Almost too much, even. Luckily, it uses the same charger as my iPad Pro!

7) Blood, Sweat, and Pixels

Written by one of the world's most respected gaming journalists Jason Schreier (writer at Kotaku and host of their Splitscreen podcast), Blood, Sweat, and Pixels is an excellent book that I've not put enough time into yet. It tells the story of how games are made by the people who made them, and some of the stories feel almost too crazy to be real. I can't wait to dig in.

8) Business Cards

My good friend Dan is a truly excellent designer, and his design for my business cards is just spot on. Since this is my first chance to meet people in the industry, I felt it best to be ready to network! Check them out!

So... there you have it. I'll be back on Friday but I'm sure you'll catch some glimpses of my exciting few days over on Instagram and my Twitter.