My Desk Setup - 2019

Good afternoon everybody! How are we?

I've got a couple of pieces in the works for The Daily Star this week, as well as one on it's way for The Digital Fix. But today's topic was bought on by recording an excellent podcast last night for SquareXO:

As you may know, baby Coombes is due in May 2019 - oh, and we now know that we're having a boy!

As a result of his arrival, we're currently converting the "Office/Mancave" into a nursery, but since I still require a workspace I got myself a new desk from Ikea last week that's slightly smaller:

So, now that it's now nestled in the lounge, lets go over my setup!

1) iMac (Mid 2015, 27 inch, 5K) - my main workhorse, the iMac is my solitary computer after I sold my MacBook at the tail end of 2018. 

Despite the photo that suggests otherwise, the Magic Keyboard is wireless which means I can constantly adjust my writing angle which is really good now that I have a little less space. I don't use my Magic Mouse, however, as I use a "Tecknet" mouse from Amazon that I find much more ergonomic. I had considered switching to a full trackpad for a more tactile experience but I haven't researched how it would fit into my workflow.

2) LG External Monitor - 23-inch - while the iMac's display is more than enough for most, I like to operate with plenty of windows. At any point in time I use Mail, Franz (for WhatsApp, Slack and others), iTunes, Safari for Wordpress, and more recently Trello for project management. At some point, there's bound to be an explosion of windows across two screens, and this monitor was excellent value for money but has since been replaced by a 24 inch version.

Connected via HDMI (using an adapter), this display is 1080p with excellent viewing angles. While it doesn't feature any sound output, the iMac's internal speakers are more than enough for this. It also looks nice and smart, particularly on top of this desk tidy.

3) This desk tidy is ideal to hold some important parts of my home office setup. For one, my Scarlett 2i2 audio interface is tucked away. Connecting via USB, this what I run my podcast mic (the included mic in the package) through. This allows me to edit gain and volume on the fly. You can find it here, and I can't recommend it enough.

While the studio headphones are included, I use my AirPods instead. I've written at length about AirPods before - they're one of my favourite Apple products in years, and connected via bluetooth they allow me to hear everyone in the podcast clearly. Protip - an app called ToothFairy on Mac is excellent for managing your AirPods.

4) None of this works without an internet connection, of course, and Sky's hub is located in the bottom of the desk tidy, as well as the now-discontinued MyBookLive network attached storage drive that I use to backup everything.

5) Nestled into my old MacBook stand is, of course, my iPad Pro. You can read my thoughts about it here and here. I'd like to grab the Apple Pencil and Keyboard Case, but for the time being it's an excellent device. 

6) Last but not least, Frankie got me Alan Moore's Watchmen for Christmas and it truly is an excellent read for anyone who's a fan of comic books or graphic novels!

As you know, I'm nearly into my second year as a freelance writer and this setup is really helping me maximise my time - what pieces of tech, apps, or simply desk positioning tips do you have? 

For now, thank you for reading!


Currently Listening - Wage War's new single "Low" is excellent, and may be my new favourite track of theirs!