What A Week So Far

Wowzers. Its been a pretty crazy week so far, and its only Thursday. I spent a fair portion of my weekend hunched over my new desk  tapping away frantically on numerous projects. Lets see what we have so far...

1) My third review for the Daily Star has been published, and my first for embargo. For those that aren't aware, embargo is the date at which the content can be published - so the clock was ticking.

Very proud to present my review which you can find HERE. I got some excellent feedback as well, which made my week!

2) My fourth review for The Daily Star has been submitted - so that's exciting. Look out for it soon!

3) I submitted a piece about the split between Bungie and Activision and what it means for the future of Destiny for PushSquare.

This... might be one of the best "opinion pieces" I've written, and I got some excellent feedback. You can check it out HERE.

4) I recorded an excellent episode of the SquareXO Podcast. Funnily enough, it was primarily based on an article I planned and wrote over the New Year.

You can have a listen HERE.

4) I've been doing some writing work for my friend's new business venture. Firstly I'm really thankful to have been chosen for the task, and secondly I'm really pleased with how its been going! I've spent a few hours on it so far, and am planning to carry on this weekend. More on this soon!

5) After three and a half weeks off of work, I'm nearly caught up! 

6) Arguably the biggest one - I'm off on a top secret project for an outlet this month. I'm not sure how much I can say but once I can say more I'll be sure to document it!

7) I'm playing a gig tonight. First one of the year, we're playing a set at Three Wise Monkeys in Colchester which is a really cool venue.

8) I've got to the last Monster in Monster Hunter World, a game which is now kind of an obsession. Its so bloody good, but so hard in places. I chatted to strangers to get through one of the trickier quests, something I would never have done before - Lloyd 1, Anxiety 0.

So yeah, quite the week, and this is my third post this week on this blog. I'm at the point now where I have a full content planner that I can use to be able to keep track of deadlines and potential requests - I've got two reviews coming in the next few days alone.

I am so thankful to have been afforded these opportunities and will keep working hard to make content I'm proud of! Thank you to everyone for keeping up with my progress, and for everyone that supports me.

Until next time,