Happy Valentines Day

Dear Frankie,

I'm working for 14 hours today, so I wrote this to go live on Valentines Day since I won't get a chance to publish it myself.

Dating a blogger must be so annoying. You KNOW you're going to have to read some sappy stuff. You KNOW you're going to have to read my articles when they're published. Here's one just for you.

Happy Valentines Day to you. My girlfriend, best friend, and soulmate. The photos above are actually in order of when they were taken. It's been a crazy almost two years.

We've had some tough times - you held me together through my grief, we've had a house move, hospital trips, and there have been months where it feels like we won't make it to payday - but we always do, and those days are behind us.

We've had some adventures too - day trips, weddings, gigs, and our idiot cat. You've always supported me in everything I've ever done, be that in music, in writing, in exercise, or anything else. 

We have a huge adventure coming up, of course. This time, it's my turn to support you. 

Parenthood will provide its own set of challenges. Aside from the obvious lack of sleep and smelly nappies, I know there will be good days and bad. Every day, you can lean on me. Whenever you need me, I will cook, I will clean, I will tidy, I will do the washing and I will wake up to feed our boy so you can get the rest you need. You deserve the best, and unfortunately you got me instead, so I'll give you my best.

I am so excited for our boy's arrival, and I love you so much.

Thank you for everything and Happy Valentines Day,