Cool News Alert!

Hi everybody, how are we all?

No blog in almost a month, simply because I've been:

- Busy
- Ill
- Working
- Prepping the flat for our baby's arrival
- All of the above

Yeah, it's the last one.

I did want to check in and just mention a couple of things that have been super exciting, the first of which is that Frankie finally moved in last week. With a month to go until our little man makes his appearance, it's so nice to be able to share our home finally.

But wait, there's more! Remember a little while ago when I mentioned I couldn't say much about something? I can tell you now.

Hi, my name is Lloyd, and I'm a member of Daily Star's writing staff in their Gaming and Tech section. 

It's mad, it means I'm incredibly busy on top of my day job, but it's extra money for my family. I also bloody love it, huge thanks to James and Dom for helping get me in on this. It's a second job, and hopefully it'll continue for a long while yet! 

I'll still be writing freelance - you may have seen some of my work published recently on a variety of sites, and I've been working on a few pieces for a magazine that goes to print this week. 

Finally, I still make music - and the last couple of months has been humbling. Counties were nominated for TWO awards at The Panic Awards 2019. One is for best live originals band, which means so much given that we've worked on our live show for years to make it the best, purest form of our music possible with some extra bells and whistles.

Secondly, we're nominated for the best one-off show for our memorial show for Tom. A show that took a lot of planning and that we paid for off our own backs, we're truly appreciative of the hundreds of people that attended and donated to CALM Zone. We'd love to win either award, of course, but this one would mean the world. 

We're making an appearance at the show on Thursday, and we'll be playing a couple of songs and enjoying what is sure to be an awesome evening. You can grab tickets here, and we'd love to see you there.

A short post, but one packed with updates on my ever-changing life. I'll check back in where possible, but don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

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